Welcome, we are the IMBY™ Kit team. Empowering people to create their own inspiring, award-winning architecturally-designed modular buildings for life, work and play.

More than just a shed, the IMBY Kit is a beautiful and light-filled building that will complement any garden, natural or urban setting. Designed by Adriano Pupilli Architects, it has recently been awarded Winner at the 2018 Australian Timber Design Awards.

Keeping it local, the kits are crafted in Sydney’s Northern Beaches from renewable plantation timber.

Making architecture accessible to more people, the IMBY Kit delivers a highly adaptable and carefully considered design solution for a fraction of the cost thanks to its DIY nature and prefab components.

Be one of the first to get your hands on these innovative structures, solve your spatial needs, take on a project, be kind to the environment and support local business. Request a catalogue and quotation.

What Makes IMBY™ Unique?

Light on its feet

IMBY™ can reach even the most difficult to access sites, with a prefabricated frame that arrives flatpacked, minimising damage to existing site vegetation and topography.

Modular Parts

The modular structural frame is prefabricated to provide quality, affordability and flexibility.

Architecturally designed

A beautiful and light filled building that will complement any garden or natural setting, architecturally designed by Adriano Pupilli Architects.

innovative structure

The structural elements have been designed to function across most terrain categories, soil classes, and wind regions in Australia.

No Nails, No Glue

The structural frame is secured by interlocking timber joints, making assembly quick and easy, while drawing inspiration from traditional woodworking techniques.

Australian designed & fabricated

Proudly designed and manufactured locally, the IMBY™ Kit is delivered flatpacked and ready for assembly.


Crafted from almost entirely FSC-certified plantation timbers that draw carbon from the atmosphere, capturing it safely for the duration of its life.

Insulation ready

All kits consist of a framing system that allows for insulation between the cladding and lining.

Fitout Ready

Ready for fit-out to meet your needs. A wall cavity is available to provide discrete reticulation of services if needed.


Frame assembly is made easy with interlocking timber joints and our fully-illustrated step-by-step Assembly Manual and Instructional Video.


If your needs change simply add or subtract a module or two, or relocate the IMBY™ entirely, or pack it away flat for when you need that extra space.


There is a size of IMBY™ that maybe permissible as “Exempt Development” in your state.

Check with your local Council for applicable planning legislation.

If in NSW click this link for more information :  NSW Exempt and Complying Development Policy.

Quality Materials

IMBY™ uses quality plywood products such as Ecoply that are certified  by suppliers to comply with Building Codes and by PAA plywood Association and JAS-ANZ standards.



IMBY Kits are 2.85m wide externally in the following lengths:

02 bay – 2.00m long
03 bay – 2.65m long
04 bay – 3.30m long
05 bay – 3.95m long
06 bay – 4.60m long
07 bay – 5.25m long
08 bay – 5.90m long
09 bay – 6.55m long
10 bay  – 7.20m long
11 bay   – 7.85m long


At the heart of the IMBY™ is a structural module (or “bay”) made up of  FSC Certified plantation pine plywood layered up to form a series of portal frames that support the roof, wall and floor claddings and linings.

The bays can be added or subtracted as spatial needs dictate, or multiple IMBY’s can be placed side-by-side to extend floor area even further, or arranged around an outdoor space or courtyard to create a series of pavilions.
(Subject to your Council’s Planning Regulations – some IMBY™ Kits may also require an owner-builder permit for assembly).

Interlocking timber joints form an integral part of the IMBY™ aesthetic as well as provide the backbone for the kit’s intuitive assembly process, enabling people without construction training to rapidly assemble the main structural elements.

The structural elements have been designed to function across most terrain categories, soil classes, and winds regions in Australia.

Screw pile foundations are used as an affordable low-impact footing system that makes installation, re-location and re-configuration of the IMBY™ simple.

As standard IMBY™ Kits include:
• CNC milled structural plywood frame.
• 1x fully glazed end-bay with highlight window.
• 1x fully clad end-bay with highlight window.
• 1x structural plywood solid panel door.
• Clear acrylic window panels.
• Clear polycarbonate skylight.
• Premium birch plywood internal lining.
• Sarking to all walls and roof.
• Structural plywood flooring panels.
• Plywood wedges for fixing frame.
• Bearers.
• Structural certification for frame and footing options.
• Fully illustrated assembly manual and phone support.

Items to be supplied by the customer include:
• Screws, nails, metal strapping, fixings and fasteners.
• Stain or paints to seal raw timbers.

Customisation options include:

Number of bays (length of the IMBY™ Kit), numerous pop-out window types and positions, decking modules, various glazing and front door locations, and the choice between Western Red Cedar or a range of Colorbond cladding finishes.


All plywood is sourced from FSC Certified sustainably managed plantations, with building parts optimised for maximum efficiency and minimal waste.


What is the IMBY™?

IMBY™ stands for In My Back Yard. It is a building kit that encapsulates the simplicity and elegance of ancient woodworking techniques with the efficiency and sustainability of digital fabrication and renewable resources, to provide occupants with an easy to assemble and low cost space solution that you can configure, and re-configure, to respond to what life throws your way.

The IMBY™ aesthetic is unique and captivating, more than a style it is the raw expression of its materials and how it goes together.

The structural frame of the IMBY™ is modular, extendable as spatial needs dictate, and made up of interlocking mortice and tenon joints. These joints form an integral part of the intuitive assembly process, a major objective of the IMBY Kit; to empower people to build their own flexible, easy to assemble and beautiful architecture…in their back yards….on a farm….in the bush…..in the city…..

Why prefab?

Fabricating building parts offsite in a factory environment rather than onsite achieves a higher level of control over the efficiency and accuracy of the building process. Machine efficiency is utilised to carry out repetitive tasks, this creates material and cost savings unparalleled by insitu construction. By “nesting” multiple parts on a 1200×2400 standard building sheet such as sustainably grown plantation pine plywood, we achieve maximum use of the material, which is good for the pocket as well as the planet.

Who are the IMBY™ Kit Team?

We are architects that love wood, the flexibility of modular construction, and the idea of making fine architecture accessible to the wider population, the IMBY™ combines these loves into one system.

The IMBY™ Team at Work

IMBY Kit version 1.0 pictured above.



WINNER for the Timber Design Awards 2018, Excellence in Timber Design, Small Budget category.


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Feature Project | IMBY™ 2.0 : Neutral Bay, NSW.

IMBY™ Instructional Video from IMBY Kit on Vimeo.

IMBY 2.0 Timelapse from IMBY Kit on Vimeo.


Feature Project | IMBY™ 1.0 : South Coast, NSW.

IMBY™ TimeLapse from IMBY Kit on Vimeo.

IMBY™ Drone Footage from IMBY Kit on Vimeo.


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Designs for the IMBY Kit are prepared in collaboration with Adriano Pupilli Architects. Find out more about them www.adrianopupilli.com.au