IMBY Kits, lovingly fabricated in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, have been assembled by proud owners all across Australia and New Zealand.

These places include: Manyana South Coast NSW, Katoomba NSW, Christchurch NZ, Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW, Alphington, Melbourne VIC, Sandy Bay, Wilsons Promontory VIC, Narrahbundah, Canberra ACT, Bellbird Cedar Creek, near Brisbane QLD, Elanora Hts, Sydney NSW, Somer Mornington Peninsular VIC, Highgate & Perth WA.

Below is a selection of completed IMBY Kits and their stories:


This beachside IMBY Kit is located in Manyana on the NSW South Coast. Located on the property of a young family’s holiday home, the IMBY was built to provide a space to relax and spend time in the garden, also doubling as a home office during time spent out of Sydney.

This is an IMBY 1.0, an earlier prototype which informed the improved design of the updated IMBY Kit 2.0. It is 5 bays in length, with an additional deck bay and is clad with Western Red Cedar weatherboards which the owner charred by hand. The weatherboards make the contemporary shape of the IMBY fit beautifully with the main home – a classic Australian beach shack also clad in timber.

Two pop out windows provide built in seating to the interior space, as well as allowing increased airflow throughout. A deck bay at the front is the perfect spot to perch and read a book, extending the usable space of a 5 bay kit.

Artboard 1

“We love our IMBY Kit, so quick to assemble and fun to char the timber cladding ourselves. With some old friends over we knocked it up in two weekends. While the assembly process was enjoyable and satisfying the real joy has been is in the everyday using of our IMBY. It sits so perfectly in the garden, enhancing the natural beauty with its timber shell and framing views of banana trees and the bush land beyond. It is so versatile, and we use it from everything from guest room, to tinker shed, to a play space for our grandchild when he comes to visit.”

– Bernhard and Cecilia


The IMBY Kit near Canberra CBD is owned by a journalist in need of a quiet space in the garden to think and get creative.

A 4 Bay Frame and Features kit with 1x Deck Bay was chosen for its ability to fit discretely into her award winning garden. A pop out window was chosen to frame specific views of the garden and abundant bird life.

The IMBY was delivered in flat-packed parts to the site, and carried down a narrow and leafy track by hand to the backyard. With some hired help from a builder friend the IMBY Kit took three days to construct.

Since it’s construction the IMBY has been a welcomed addition to the modest cottage it sits behind. The owner’s Dalmatian is also quite fond of hiding out in the IMBY.

“Just so special…nothing else comes close to it”. “The thinking has evolved over time, originally I wanted a shed and then I saw this and that was it. The IMBY was going to determine what I do…it’s just so beautiful”.

– A.K., Canberra ACT

Manly, NSW

IMBY Kit in Manly is on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It serves a young family of four in need of a play space, home office and extra space to spread out from small red brick house….making the backyard more a part of everyday living.

Consisting of 4 internal bays + 1 deck bay. The main structure was assembled in two days by a team of three people. It was then decided that another spot in the backyard was better suited so the entire structure was relocated to another part of the garden in one day by one person.

See the below timelapse of the build for more information on this process.

“The kids love it…the parents love it…the grandparents love it…we all love our IMBY! It is the perfect hub for special events like garden parties and outdoor entertaining as well as those everyday necessities like work from home or even hanging the laundry during La Niña…”


The IMBY Kit at Neutral Bay is owned by a young family, living on a small urban site who were after some extra play space for a growing toddler and a privacy barrier between their backyard and overlooking commercial neighbours.

A 4 Bay Frame and Features kit was chosen for its moderate size – small enough to fit within the tight constrains of the site, but large enough to provide enough space for the whole family. A pop out Window Type 1 was chosen to expand the space, bring in extra light and provide a place to sit looking over the existing garden bed.

The IMBY was delivered in flat-packed parts to the site, and carried down the narrow side path by hand to the backyard. With the help of a few mates, the full IMBY Kit took three days to construct.

Since it’s construction the IMBY has been a welcomed addition to the family home, used as a multipurpose space for anything from a child’s play space to quiet retreat from the main home.

“We use the IMBY daily, as a play space for our toddler, he (and I) love the escape from the everyday into the magical. It was quick to assemble as we enlisted some extra hands to help, making light work of it with 4 people, 3 days, 2 deliveries and 1 tiny backyard.” 


2020 update:

“Sorry kids, mum and dad need your play space as a work-from-home office. During the COVID-19 lockdown the IMBY Kit converted into the perfect home office, detached enough from the home to concentrate and take video calls, but close enough to feel connected to family life.”

– A., M., A., F.


The Katoomba IMBY Kit is used by a married couple for a separate extension to their home. They chose the IMBY for its attractive and unique design and DIY construction approach.

A 6 Bay Frame and Features kit was chosen, providing ample usable space. The addition of a pop out Window Type 3 provides additional natural light and ventilation, popping out amongst the pine trees.

The IMBY Kit of parts was delivered to the site on a truck, then transported by hand down a narrow access path to the site of construction. One of the owners impressively constructed the IMBY on his own over a period of two and a half weeks.

Now in use as a studio/sleep-out space/garden room, the proud owners of this IMBY Kit have made it their own, adding rugs, blinds and furniture. Connecting the IMBY to electricity to power lights and a ceiling fan has resulted in a beautifully designed, comfortable space to enjoy this Blue Mountains site for owners and guests alike.

“The IMBY is a great product that fills a niche in the market for small DIY modular structures… The framework, made up with precisely fabricated pieces and assembled with mortice and tenon joints is ingenious and highly satisfying to work with.”

– Harry and Jann, Katoomba NSW

Sandy Point IMBY - Exterior


Located in a small town in South Gippsland, the Sandy Point IMBY Kit was crafted by a small family looking to extend their home with a space to relax and camp out.

A 6 Bay Complete Weatherboard Kit with an additional deck bay was chosen, providing a large flexible internal space and a protected external space to hangout and catch the sun.

The addition of a pop out Window Type 3 draws natural light into the rear of the IMBY and provides the ability for cross ventilation.
Nestled into the corner of a well planted site, the timber weatherboard cladding complements the natural setting whilst adding warmth and durability.


“This IMBY has been a terrific solution for us. The most important quality is that it is a sensitive and sympathetic structure to the surrounding landscape, both inside and out.”

– Susie, Chris & Lily, Sandy Point VIC


At the fold of suburban Melbourne, The Alphington IMBY Kit was crafted for a  young family living on a tight urban site looking for extra space. Attracted by its easy construction and unique handcrafted design, the owners sought the IMBY kit as an expansion to their home office.

With raw plywood internal lining and nestled under a mature shade tree the smell of timber and dappled light maintains a relaxing and peaceful work environment throughout the day.

A 4 Bay Colorbond Complete Kit was chosen, with space for a home office and additional chill-out lounge. An additional pop out Window Type 3 with operable louvres as standard provides valuable natural light and ventilation.

All IMBY Kit parts were delivered to the property via a truck, carried through the house piece by piece and assembled with the help of family and friends. With the fully illustrated step-by-step manual the owner constructed the IMBY over the course of a week.

Now used as a work and play space, the owners have transformed a corner of their rear yard into a warm and fun extension to the family home.


“Great kit as we would not have envisaged building our own studio…we have promoted widely within our circle of friends.”

– Dinh, Melbourne VIC

Elanora Heights IMBY - Exterior


Affectionately known as the ‘She Sheds’, the Elanora Heights twin IMBY sheds were a welcome addition to a creative family looking to expand their workshops. Set down a steep terrain, the ‘twin-bys’ were installed on varying platform foundations on the hillside site connected to the adjacent family home.

Two 5 Bay Complete Colorbond Kits were installed, allowing large internal space for the respective workshop and granny flat. With 2 additional Type 1 windows added to the lower IMBY, soft natural light is provided throughout the day framing views out to the garden.

In amongst a lush landscape, the Elanora IMBYs are a graceful solution to the site, enjoyed by the whole family.

Elanora Heights IMBY - Entry

“My favourite thing is all this light that comes through the expressed timber work. I love the fact that they’re a social enterprise, it’s a really beautiful thing to bring the family together.” 

– Selena


“In short, we love it. We use it almost every day as our home office and it has been a game changer…”

– James