What is the IMBY™?

IMBY™ stands for In My Back Yard. It is a building kit that encapsulates the simplicity and elegance of ancient woodworking techniques with the efficiency and sustainability of digital fabrication and renewable resources, to provide occupants with an easy to assemble and low cost space solution that you can configure, and re-configure, to respond to what life throws your way.

The IMBY™ aesthetic is unique and captivating, more than a style it is the raw expression of its materials and how it goes together.

The structural frame of the IMBY™ is modular, extendable as spatial needs dictate, and made up of interlocking mortice and tenon joints. These joints form an integral part of the intuitive assembly process, a major objective of the IMBY Kit; to empower people to build their own flexible, easy to assemble and beautiful architecture…in their back yards….on a farm….in the bush…..in the city…..

Why prefab?

Fabricating building parts offsite in a factory environment rather than onsite achieves a higher level of control over the efficiency and accuracy of the building process. Machine efficiency is utilised to carry out repetitive tasks, this creates material and cost savings unparalleled by insitu construction. By “nesting” multiple parts on a 1200×2400 standard building sheet such as sustainably grown plantation pine plywood, we achieve maximum use of the material, which is good for the pocket as well as the planet.

Who are the IMBY™ Kit Team?

We are architects that love wood, the flexibility of modular construction, and the idea of making fine architecture accessible to the wider population, the IMBY™ combines these loves into one system.

The IMBY™ Team at Work

IMBY Kit version 1.0 pictured above.